The air compressor manufacturer tells you how to replace the wear and tear accessories of the air compressor

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After long-term practice, air compressor manufacturers have found that air compressor products must be in normal operation for a long time. If the operating state is unstable, it will affect its work efficiency and cause continuous impact on wearing parts. The unit price of air compressor products produced by manufacturers has increased, and the price of wearing parts has continued to increase. The following moderately priced air compressor manufacturers will tell you how to replace the wear and tear accessories of the air compressor.

1. Replace the air filter

Remove the screw at the end of the air filter cover, remove the tail of the cover, remove the air filter locking screw, take out the air filter, install the new filter, and reinstall the filter and cover in the reverse steps. The air compressor manufacturer said that when replacing the oil filter simultaneously, use a special tool to lock the bottom of the filter and turn the filter forward. Use a clean cloth to clean the bottom of the filter and apply a little oil on the new oil filter. Coat the sealing ring with a little oil and install a new filter. The reliable air compressor manufacturer reminds you to use special tools to lock it.

2. Replace the oil and lubricating oil

The method of oil separation is the same as that of replacing the oil filter, but there is more attention to when replacing the lubricating oil. The air compressor manufacturer says that it must ensure that the viscosity of the oil is relatively high when the oil temperature is relatively high, and it will not be hot, and it will also drain the residual oil of the unit. Therefore, when the oil is changed, if the oil is cold, the air compressor manufacturer recommends to start the operation first, and ensure that the unit is pressure-free before changing the oil. First, disassemble the oil filling nut of the oil-gas separation barrel, and prepare the residual oil with a suitable container. Open the oil drain valve under the barrel, and turn the head pulley by hand from time to time to drain the oil stored in the head. The air compressor manufacturer said that after the oil is completely drained, close the drain valve. Inject new lubricating oil, and turn the head pulley by hand from time to time to facilitate the suction of the oil into the pipe and the machine head. The amount of oil injection is immersed in the oil level mirror before injecting a certain amount (this is an empirical value, the actual oil level needs to be turned on) (Observe while loading), after filling the oil, install the oil nut and lock it, and remove the intake valve. The air compressor manufacturer recommends injecting a small amount of lubricating oil from the air inlet of the machine head, and the amount of oil is three-thirds of the submerged rotor. Two places are enough, install the intake valve, and then clean the surface of each part of the air compressor.


The air compressor manufacturer recommends a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of the machine at regular intervals. If it is found that the air compressor is running fast and slow and the work efficiency fluctuates, you need to focus on whether it is a vulnerable part. In addition, we must pay attention to the impact of human factors on the operation of the air compressor. In winter and summer, the temperature extreme season also needs to consider the external environment.

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