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Zhaoyu refrigerated air dryer

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Technical Data Sheet of Zhaoyu refrigerated air dryer

Standard working condition: Inlet pressure 0.7 MPa≤P<0.8 MPa, Inlet temperature 40℃≤T ≤50 ℃;
Wording condition range: Inlet pressure 0.4 MPa≤P<1.0 MPa, Inlet temperature 2 ℃≤T≤60℃;
Technical index: PDP≤ -10 -10℃td, Purge air: ≤3%, Pressure loss < 0.02Mpa , Noise≤75dB(average)
Standard configuration: Biteman control system, IOT
Standard electrical allocation: 220V /380V 50Hz;
Special configuration: DCS remote control function, Biteman flowmeter, smart meter. High working pressure on 1MPa ≤ P <1.6 MPa,and the treatment flow is 84-130m3 / min can be customized.


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