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Biteman Purifying ComAir Dryer

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Pressure dew point - 40 ℃ TD ~ - 70 ℃ TD

Real time display of pressure dew point and flow

Dual shaft cylinder four valve intake control system

Industrial digital control system

Temperature and pressure digital display

Consumables replacement reminder function

Detailed information

Biteman Technical parameters of purifying air dryer

Compressed air combined dryer, compressed air dryer, frozen dryer, suction dryer, precision filter, adsorption dryer

Standard working condition: T≤50℃,P=0.7MPa;

Technical indicators:Pressure dew point ≤ - 40 ℃ , Purge air 5%, pressure loss ≤ 0.05Mpa, emission noise ≤ 75db;

Power: 220/380V 50Hz;

Control system power: 50W

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